Gaby Playing viola
Xray of Gabi's broken hand
Gabi singing

Help Cover Gaby's Legal Fees

Several months ago, Gaby's hand was badly broken when her abusive ex-partner tried to physically restrain her from leaving their home.

In spite of trying to recover with different therapies--including a hand surgery and an extensive, expensive and painful physical therapy--Gaby is still unable to properly use her hand and is still in pain.

The tragedy of this is that Gaby is a skilled professional musician who has played with many world-renowned orchestras, including the Guatemalan Philharmonic Orchestra. Gaby comes from humble means and worked hard to put herself through university and accomplish a career as a professional musician and music teacher.

Since her assault Gaby has been unable to work and has lost her source of income. The perpetrator of her injuries has not taken responsibility for his actions.

Please help Gaby seek legal recourse.

More from Gaby...

I'm a music teacher and professional musician paying violin and viola. I'm also an opera singer. I work teaching private classes with different instruments including violin, piano, guitar, clarinet, sax, singing, music theory, harmony, drum set, electric bass, and ukelele, marimba, and recorder. I've also worked as a music teacher at several private schools and music academies.

I've played in orchestras such as: "OSJU" (Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil Nacional, Guatemala), Orquesta Filarmónica de Guatemala, Orquesta Juvenil Municipal de Guatemala, Orquesta Multicultural de Guatemala, Orquesta Mesoamericana, Orquesta del Conservatorio Nacional de Música de Guatemala, Special Orchestra Performance to Oratory "Messiah" by Handel, Orquesta de la Universidad Galileo, Orchestra Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Orquesta Especial de la "Union Church" of Guatemala, Orquesta Juvenil Femenina "Alaide Foppa." I've also sung in many different choirs, opera choirs and voice assemblies.

I've worked with international music directors from many countries such as Venezuela, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, and Guatemala.

In summary music is my life.

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