Help Publish Tani Adams's Groundbreaking Work on Chronic Violence in Spanish

Please support our fundraising to translate and publish Tani Adams’s groundbreaking work on chronic violence, so that policymakers and practitioners in Spanish-speaking countries can have another tool to fight the violence that is increasingly widespread across the world.

What happens to us when it becomes “normal” to live with high levels of chronic violence, as is happening in communities and countries across the world? How does it affect our development as individuals, how we raise our children and relate to others in society, our attitudes and actions as citizens, and the ways we are governed? What needs to be done to stop the cycles of violence?

These were the questions that motivated the work of Tani Adams, which culminated in the publication of her seminal book How Chronic Violence Affects Human Development, Social Relations, and the Practice of Citizenship: A Systemic Framework for Action published by the Wilson Center in Washington, DC, shortly after she died at the age of 62 in 2017.

The book was published in English, however Tani strongly believed that material related to Latin America should be published in Spanish. While the Wilson Center is unable to translate and publish the book in Spanish, they are generously giving her family permission to do so. This has led Tani’s family, led by her brother Walter, to seek to raise funds to translate and publish this important work in Spanish.

We have found both a translator and publisher in Guatemala who is willing to distribute it in leading bookstores in Guatemala. We will also work with her friends and networks to see if it can be distributed more widely.

For more about Tani Adams's work on violence, please see the video below: a panel discussion at the Wilson Center celebrating Tani and the publication of her book.

For more information about Tani's remarkable life, please see her obituary.

Please donate and share! 100% of proceeds go directly to the translation and publication of Tani Adams's groundbreaking final work into Spanish.

Any additional proceeds will be donated to ADEMKAN, an organization dedicated to supporting the rights of indigenous women in Guatemala.